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EarthDate Episode Downloads

WAV format files are in stereo (PCM S24 LE, sample rate = 48000hz @ 32bps)
MP3 format files are in stereo (MPEG audio layer 1/2,mpga, sample rate=48000hz @ 160kb/s)

Download all episode MP3 files in a single zip file (455M)

Episode ED-001: Precious Water WAV    MP3
Episode ED-002: The Day the Earth Shook WAV MP3
Episode ED-003: Life on a Giant Magnet WAV MP3
Episode ED-004: Great Extinctions WAV MP3
Episode ED-005: Diamond Data WAV MP3
Episode ED-006: Geodynamo WAV MP3
Episode ED-007: CSI Pliocene: Lucy WAV MP3
Episode ED-008: Lithium Power WAV MP3
Episode ED-009: Tiny Titan WAV MP3
Episode ED-010: Eternal Calcium WAV MP3
Episode ED-011: Magnetic Storms WAV MP3
Episode ED-012: Your Most Ancient Possession WAV MP3
Episode ED-013: The Year Without a Summer WAV MP3
Episode ED-014: The Dawn of Vision WAV MP3
Episode ED-015: The Longest Mountain Range WAV MP3
Episode ED-016: Total Eclipse of the Sun - 8/21/17 WAV MP3
Episode ED-017: Your Place in the World WAV MP3
Episode ED-018: Carbon Opposites WAV MP3
Episode ED-019: The Amazing Miracle Material WAV MP3
Episode ED-020: Lithium Chill WAV MP3
Episode ED-021: Earth’s Changing Gravity WAV MP3
Episode ED-022: Measuring Gravity from Space WAV MP3
Episode ED-023: Landslides WAV MP3
Episode ED-024: Dust in the Wind WAV MP3
Episode ED-025: The Many Facets of Salt WAV MP3
Episode ED-026: Prehistoric Soundscape WAV MP3
Episode ED-027: Lightning Strikes WAV MP3
Episode ED-028: Secrets of the Glacier WAV MP3
Episode ED-029: Digging Soil WAV MP3
Episode ED-030: Dinosaurs in Your Backyard WAV MP3
Episode ED-031: Under Pressure—Geysers WAV MP3
Episode ED-032: Our Unmapped Ocean WAV MP3
Episode ED-033: The Great Smog WAV MP3
Episode ED-034: Global Smartphones WAV MP3
Episode ED-035: Life on Ice WAV MP3
Episode ED-036: Recycling Carbon WAV MP3
Episode ED-037: Hurricane Harvey WAV MP3
Episode ED-038: Venice Holds Back the Sea WAV MP3
Episode ED-039: Cities Made of Sand WAV MP3
Episode ED-040: The Man in the Moon WAV MP3
Episode ED-041: Hadrosaur Hightails It WAV MP3
Episode ED-042: Exploring Earth’s Driest Deserts WAV MP3
Episode ED-043: Water from Thin Air WAV MP3
Episode ED-044: Hail, Zealandia WAV MP3
Episode ED-045: Fantastic Beasts WAV MP3
Episode ED-046: Birth of a Monster WAV MP3
Episode ED-047: The Water Cycle WAV MP3
Episode ED-048: Lightning Safety WAV MP3
Episode ED-049: One-part Harmony WAV MP3
Episode ED-050: World’s Tallest Mountain WAV MP3
Episode ED-051: Rare Earth Elements WAV MP3
Episode ED-052: Human-Induced Earthquakes WAV MP3
Episode ED-053: Cloud Microbes WAV MP3
Episode ED-054: The Mediterranean Desert WAV MP3
Episode ED-055: World’s Oldest Water WAV MP3
Episode ED-056: El Niño WAV MP3
Episode ED-057: The First Americans WAV MP3
Episode ED-058: How Old Is Earth? WAV MP3
Episode ED-059: The Colorful History of Paint WAV MP3
Episode ED-060: Melting Permafrost WAV MP3
Episode ED-061: Stories Hidden in Pollen WAV MP3
Episode ED-062: California’s Sinking Valley WAV MP3
Episode ED-063: Storing Energy in Air WAV MP3
Episode ED-064: Fossil Water WAV MP3
Episode ED-065: More Earthquakes, More Places WAV MP3
Episode ED-066: Who Killed the Neanderthals? WAV MP3
Episode ED-067: Amazing Caves WAV MP3
Episode ED-068: Fire in Ice WAV MP3
Episode ED-069: Greenhouse-Icehouse Earth WAV MP3
Episode ED-070: From Greenhouse to Icehouse WAV MP3
Episode ED-071: The Curious Tale of Whales WAV MP3
Episode ED-072: Devils Tower WAV MP3
Episode ED-073: Cleopatra Loved the Flood WAV MP3
Episode ED-074: Bugs on the Wing WAV MP3
Episode ED-075: What a Waste! WAV MP3
Episode ED-076: Managing Aquifers WAV MP3
Episode ED-077: A Tale of Two Volcanoes WAV MP3
Episode ED-078: Best Friends Forever WAV MP3
Episode ED-079: Rivers of Wind WAV MP3
Episode ED-080: High Impact Mystery WAV MP3
Episode ED-081: Ripples in Earth's Crust WAV MP3
Episode ED-082: Water of Life WAV MP3
Episode ED-083: So Cheap Yet So Valuable WAV MP3
Episode ED-084: Ice Age Brexit WAV MP3
Episode ED-085: The Iceman Goeth WAV MP3
Episode ED-086: Powering the World WAV MP3
Episode ED-087: Winter Solstice Celebrations WAV MP3
Episode ED-088: Volcanoes, the Stratosphere, and Eclipses WAV MP3
Episode ED-089: Secret Life of Soil WAV MP3
Episode ED-090: Trees Can Talk WAV MP3
Episode ED-091: Our Most Common Element WAV MP3
Episode ED-092: Why The Greeks Liked Earthquakes WAV MP3
Episode ED-093: Earths Ocean Conveyor WAV MP3
Episode ED-094: Swimming With Sharks WAV MP3
Episode ED-095: Minerals Evolve Too WAV MP3
Episode ED-096: Real World Apocalypse WAV MP3
Episode ED-097: Surviving the Asteroid WAV MP3
Episode ED-098: Spidey Silk WAV MP3
Episode ED-099: Storing CO2 WAV MP3
Episode ED-100: Full Steam Ahead WAV MP3
Episode ED-101: The Man and the Canyon WAV MP3
Episode ED-102: Core of the Realm WAV MP3
Episode ED-103: The Alien Element WAV MP3
Episode ED-104: Climate Escalator   WAV MP3
Episode ED-105: Migrating Plants WAV MP3
Episode ED-106: The Scent of Rain WAV MP3
Episode ED-107: Spindletop WAV MP3
Episode ED-108: Magnetoreception WAV MP3
Episode ED-109: Watershed Event WAV MP3
Episode ED-110: Wildfires WAV MP3
Episode ED-111: Fire Weather WAV MP3
Episode ED-112: Beach Reading WAV MP3
Episode ED-113: Pterosaurs WAV MP3
Episode ED-114: Cooler in mountains WAV MP3
Episode ED-115: Geology of Fireworks WAV MP3
Episode ED-116: Tuskless Elephants WAV MP3
Episode ED-117: Green Iceland/Icy Greenland WAV MP3
Episode ED-118: Star of India WAV MP3
Episode ED-119: How Earth Makes Fresh Water WAV MP3
Episode ED-120:  Homing Pigeons WAV MP3
Episode ED-121: Carving a Canyon WAV MP3
Episode ED-122: Triple North Pole WAV MP3
Episode ED-123: The Wandering Pole WAV MP3
Episode ED-124: Starting Off on the Wrong Foot WAV MP3
Episode ED-125: Essential Element WAV MP3
Episode ED-126: Two Sides of Sun WAV MP3
Episode ED-127: Fall Colors WAV MP3
Episode ED-128: Salmon Are Born to Navigate WAV MP3
Episode ED-129: Ice Age Rebound WAV MP3
Episode ED-130: Water, Water Everywhere WAV MP3
Episode ED-131:  Blue Sky, Blue Sunset WAV MP3
Episode ED-132:  Why Pines Are Evergreen WAV MP3
Episode ED-133: Weight of Water WAV MP3
Episode ED-134: Undersea Aquifer WAV MP3
Episode ED-135: Last Branch on the Family Tree WAV MP3
Episode ED-136: Earths Loneliest Species WAV MP3
Episode ED-137:  Hot Springs Eternal WAV MP3
Episode ED-138: Avalanche WAV MP3
Episode ED-139:  The Miracles of Reindeer WAV MP3
Episode ED-140: Spinning a Galactic New Years Tale WAV MP3