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the Bureau of Economic Geology

EarthDate is a public service radio program with a mission to engage listeners in earth science and reconnect them to the wonders of their world. Conceived and hosted by Dr. Scott W. Tinker, Director of the Bureau of Economic Geology at The University of Texas at Austin; written and directed by Emmy-winning filmmaker Harry Lynch; and researched by Juli Hennings, a career geoscientist, EarthDate tells captivating stories to remind listeners that science can enlighten, educate and entertain.


First broadcast in April, 2017, EarthDate has proven immensely popular in just three years, picked up by more than 400 public and other radio stations, and now airing in all 50 states and abroad. EarthDate is a short, modular radio program available free for any radio station via Content Depot and on CD.

EarthDate broadcasts are supported by the website, where teachers, students and general listeners can hear all episodes, and read and download extensive background materials to learn more about each topic.

EarthDate is a production of the Bureau of Economic Geology. The Bureau is the Texas State Geological Survey, and is the oldest research unit at The University of Texas. The Bureau conducts cutting-edge earth science research across the globe at the intersection of energy, the environment, and the economy. 

EarthDate is produced with support from EarthX -- bringing people together to build a sustainable future, at

From our station partners:

"Our listeners really enjoy and appreciate this Broadcast and it adds to our educational outreach from this small LP FM station. Thank you and all the staff for what you do." - David Bernard, Business Manager,  WSWO-LP, Oldies97.3 and

"I’ve been using them for months now...these are such informative, interesting short features, and I really do want to keep them on our schedule!" - Lottie Squires, WCKB 780, Dunn, NC

"I applaud the work you and your colleagues are doing.  Radio needs more programs such as yours, programs that make one wonder about God’s incredible creation that we all take for granted." Rod Fazzari, KHSS-FM, Walla Walla, WA

From our listeners:

"Just wanted to let you know that you have helped HUGELY with our homeschooling [during the pandemic]. Our kids are thankfully pretty self-directed, but having EarthDate to point them to has been amazing. [Our son] is tearing through the episodes, and we are having some pretty interesting dinner and hike conversations. You have a big 9-year-old fan! Anyway, what a fantastic podcast series!" Parent of a 9-year-old-fan



Narrator / Executive Producer: Scott W. Tinker

Content Producer / Research / Fact Sheet Development: Juli Hennings

Writer / Director: Harry Lynch

Music: Patrick Murray

Recording / Editing: Shayna Brown, Chez Boom Audio

Distribution / Partnership Building: Mark W. Blount

Station Relations: Casey Walker

Web Design and Production: Adam Kirk and Nancy Cottington

Graphic Design: Jamie Coggin


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